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Self Storage


All our storage locations have drive up easily accessible storage features. Trolleys are available and free for customers to use. Once our customer signs up with us, we provide them with a custom access code that is required for both entry and exiting the facilities for security measures.
We require minimum 2-month rental.

Self Storage Container Sizes


Ground Level

20’ x 8’ x 8’ Tall ( $320/mo )
10’ x 8’ x 8’ Tall ($195/mo)
5’ x 8’ x 8’ Tall ( $145/mo )

Prince George

20’ x 8’ x 8’ Tall ( $185/mo )
5’x 8’x 8’ Tall ( $85.00/mo )

Maple Ridge

20’ x 8’ x 8’ Tall ( $275.00/mo)

Containers for Self Storage Gallery