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RV Storage in Prince George, BC

RV Storage Prince George BC

Secure and Spacious RV Storage in Prince George, BC

Discover unparalleled RV storage solutions in Prince George, BC, with Blue Box Storage. Our spacious and secure facilities offer the perfect home for your recreational vehicle, ensuring peace of mind and protection from the elements.

RV Storage Pricing

RV's ($58.50 + GST / month) – 20’ max length
For RV parking ($68.75 + GST / month) – 40’ max length

Additional long term yard space rental available as well (call 250-879-0880 to inquire)

Who is Blue Box Storage?

Blue Box Storage is your premier destination for RV storage solutions in Prince George. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we provide secure, accessible, and affordable storage options for RVs, trailers, house trailers, mobile homes, or motor homes.

Flexible RV Storage Solutions

Blue Box Storage shines with its approach to storage solutions. We pride ourselves on our affordable services, understanding that value is very important for our clients.

Our flexible policies ensure we adapt to your schedule and storage needs, customizing our services to offer unparalleled convenience. Our continuous offers guarantee you’re always getting the best deal, making us a leader in client-focused storage solutions.

Benefits of RV Storage

Storing your RV at a dedicated facility offers numerous benefits, enhancing both the longevity and enjoyment of your recreational vehicle. Firstly, it provides protection from the elements, guarding against damage from harsh weather conditions such as snow, rain, and UV exposure. This care extends the life of your RV and maintains its appearance. Additionally, secure RV storage facilities offer peace of mind with enhanced security measures, including surveillance and gated access, to protect against theft or vandalism. Storing your RV also frees up valuable space at home, eliminating the need for large driveways or yards to accommodate it. Lastly, many storage facilities offer convenient access, making it easy to retrieve your RV for spontaneous trips, ensuring that your vehicle is ready to go when adventure calls.

What are the best months to store your RV in Prince George?

In Prince George, BC, the best months to store your RV are typically from late October through to April. This timeframe aligns with the colder and snowier conditions characteristic of the region’s winter season. Storing your RV during these months protects it from the harsh winter elements, including heavy snowfall, ice, and below-freezing temperatures, which can cause damage to the vehicle’s exterior, plumbing, and internal systems.

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Reputation in Prince George, BC

Nestled near the scenic Fraser River and minutes from iconic landmarks like Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park, Blue Box Storage is a beacon of community trust in Prince George. Our proximity to these local treasures not only makes us accessible but also embeds us within the fabric of the community we serve. Our reputation is built on reliability, with customers often praising our exceptional service and the ease of access to their stored items.

FAQs about RV Storage in Prince George, BC